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About me

Hey, I’m Mike!

I was the first product manager at Firebase, and a long time PM on Google Cloud Platform, specifically on serverless compute (App Engine, Cloud Functions, and Cloud Run). I left Google in July 2019, and am currently taking some time off to work on personal projects and detox from the corporate lifestyle. I’m also teaching a course on product management at Rose-Hulman.

Before Firebase, I worked at The Omni Group building iOS apps, Texas Instruments working on embedded microcontrollers (specifically the MSP430), and a few other places, mostly doing embedded software/hardware.

Outside of work:

  • I’m a lover of interesting whisky, rum, and cognac
  • I travel as often as I can
  • I get outdoors to hike, bike, snowboard, or scuba dive

If you find yourself in the Bay Area, reach out and let’s grab a warm or cool beverage!