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Mike's favorite places
Sep 17, 2018
2 minutes read

It’s been an uncomfortably long time since I wrote a post, partly because work has been busy and party because I’ve been travling so much. Since my last post I’ve been to: Japan, Korea, Thailand, Hong Kong, Canada, the Dominican Republic, India, the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Poland, Israel, and New Zealand. The rest of 2018 will add Indonesia, Malaysia, the UK, the Czech Republic, Greece, and (hopefully) Taiwan.

While I don’t always have time to get out and see the sights, I have been lucky enough to find some really amazing spots when I have gone out. My friends know how annoying I am about providing suggestions when they travel, but the more annoying problem was transfering that knowledge once I told them about the best little whisky bar in Bangkok.

To make it easier to share this knowledge, I’m posting information about my favorite places around the world! Maps are up for all cities, but only Tokyo has copy describing why they’re my favorite and how to get there. Given the fullness of time (and a less hectic travel schedule), I’ll add descriptions to each city.

Note that there are lots of great things to do in these cities! These are my favorite things, so they may not align with guidebooks or other peoples’s blogs. But I promise, if you’re me, you’ll love them ;)

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